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MrOwl is a FREE way to grab and share knowledge and information about the things that inspire you every day!

Easily build and customize topic “branches” by adding in subtopics, links, photos, and more.

  • Share your “branches” via social media with friends and family.

  • Control the experience that you want, your way.

  • It truly couldn’t be any simpler.

Once you’ve grabbed a “branch” it will be in your “grabbed branches” so you will always have it and be able to see updates.

If you search within your branch it becomes a mini-customized search engine of your content, which will make it even easier for you to find what you are looking for later on. How great is that?!

MrOwl also gets “wiser” as more people use it. The topic “branches” that you create help to shape our community topic “tree” and the links on MrOwl are curated by real people in the MrOwl community – not a computer.

Start today! Share your world. Share you.

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